Reading Lists
Tales of Tails

Do your favorite animals have tails? Travel to the jungle, the sea, the forest, and more to meet all sorts of animals!

Tall Tales

These stories mix fact and fiction together to create an exaggerated story of an actual event. Can you see the truth in these tall tales?

Timeless Mythology for Teens

Mythology forms the backbone of all the cultures in the world. They are also fun and highly entertaining, and their continuing relevance is evident in the fact that ...
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Anti-racist Books

Discover books on race in the United States, and learn more about society and your identity.

Favorite Books for Grades 1-2

Suggested titles for grades 1-2.

Favorite Books for Teens

Suggested reading for teens.

Favorite Books for Toddlers

Suggested titles for reading to toddlers.

Graphic Novels

[No description provided]

Pride Month

Celebrate Pride Month with these famous titles written by LGBTQ+ authors or featuring LGBTQ+ characters.

Favorite Books for Pre-K - Kindergarten

Suggested titles for Prek-Kindergarten.

Favorite Books for Grades 3-4

Suggested titles for grades 3-4.

Favorite Books for Grades 5-6

Suggested reading for grades 5-6.

Favorite Books for Adults

Suggested reading for adults.

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